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‘Handouts are not going to end global poverty, but work - real work - just might’ - Leila Janah

Our mission is to create ‘real work’. We do this by providing humans with education and dignified employment opportunities to become financially independent.

Put simply, we want to create safe jobs for marginalised people to earn a sustainable income.

Today, we make organic customised tote bags and artisanal lanyards for large events. Tomorrow, as we grow, we hope our products will too.

Our journey started in small room in Pondicherry, South India with 14 women who were marginalised from their communities. We asked them what they wanted and they collectively said money, because money gives them freedom and choice.

This is why our mission is to create real work, so that the women can get paid to do what they love.

Every product you purchase directly contributes to each human’s income and makes a significant difference to their livelihoods and wellbeing.

However, our greatest impact is the one we can’t measure. It’s the feeling each human gets working confidently in a safe and inclusive space.

‘Being here is the only time and place in the world I can be my true self’ - Gayatri

We work with communities, for communities.