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At Humanism Global, we work with disadvantaged humans to create promotional products including custom lanyards for events! 

Our lanyards are handmade with love from high quality, ethically sourced materials, including full color glass beads and copper wire. The lanyards have been crafted using traditional techniques that the women have acquired over generations. This means they are unique and will not be found at any other trade show! 

Our custom lanyards can include breakaway chains, keychain, name badge, bull-dog clips or swivel parts, which are made of the highest quality. Our lanyards are designed to be gender neutral and can be re-used as a necklace or fashion accessory following an event.

The lanyards also include an ID Badge and name tag holder with an Impact ID Card insert - which provides the story of the creators of the product and communicates the meaningful impact your organisation has contributed towards these humans' lives.

Our personalized lanyards can be tailored to your organisation's needs, including color specific matching of the lanyards to your organisation's brand. There are also multi-color lanyards available.

Our 100% GOTS certified organic cotton lanyards are available in a variety of lengths and widths. Cotton lanyards can be made into Safety Cotton Lanyards with an optional breakaway connector. The connectors are made from durable black plastic and are flat for added comfort.

They function via a male-female connection mechanism that comes apart when pressure is exerted on the lanyard and is reusable. Cotton Lanyards are available either blank or with a single colour custom imprint. You have the choice of either having repeat your design around the lanyard or have it appear once on the left and right side. You can also print one design on the right and different design on the left.

Our screen-printing provides good durability and gives good reproduction of our custom lanyards. This method of printing customised lanyards is suitable for medium quantities and is the most cost effective method of custom printing text and basic 'logo' graphics, this type of lanyard printing is the most popular. The number of printed colours is usually limited to four and results in a very low cost product that's suitable for many applications including, employee and student name badges, tradeshows and special events, reunions and more.

  • Screen printing produces excellent quality
  • Printing is in a single colour on one or both sides
  • Offers many colour combinations with PMS colour matching available

Screen printing is a process whereby a very fine mesh screen is made from your black and white artwork. The screen with the desired ink colour is laid down on top of the material. Pressure applied to the screen results in the transfer of the ink through the screen mesh onto the lanyard material. The ink is cured through the application of heat. This type of printing produces a very durable high-resolution imprint and is one of the most popular printing methods used in the promotional products industry.

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Handmade, with love.