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While people are finding newer ways to connect in a physically distant world, we are too!

The lockdown has got us bonding with other social enterprises in Australia.

These are strange times and the world’s been a stressful place. We totally get it. But we decided not to give up and do something new and good instead! We are partnering with our fellow friends from Brisbane, Miks Chai. Co-founded by Mikhara and Gabrielle. Miks Chai is a social enterprise that creates delicious cups of chai to bring people together, to share stories and have conversations.


Much like Miks Chai, our amazing team of women in Pondicherry really (like REALLY) love their chai breaks to share their experiences, problems and stories over a cuppa chai.



Isolation life especially, has made us all long for these conversations. Hence, providing a safe and inclusive space for humans in the communities we work with has always been our primary goal. We are proud to have successfully created those spaces in all the communities we have worked so far. “Being here is the only time and place in the world I can be my true self”, says Gayatri, our team member in Pondicherry, India.


We can all agree to what an emotional rollercoaster this quarantine has been for everyone. We have had days of fear, days of stress, days of happiness, days of contentment and sometimes all at once! In our pursuit to find something good and positive to do during this time, we as a team found consensus in how important mental health has become.


We find this partnership to be a vital step in making our contribution towards spreading awareness and breaking the stigma on mental health and creating a safe and inclusive community space. Miks Chai donates 50% of their profits to mental health support and suicide prevention organizations. Their chai is packed with the aim of bringing goodness to your heart, mind, body and soul.


Apart from our ingrained love for chai, we also share our passion of working towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly and compassionate world. Our products start with the finest organic raw materials, are handmade with love and every purchase makes a meaningful contribution to communities and individuals.


Well, what’s in it for you? You get the best of both worlds! An exclusive pouch, ethically sourced and manufactured using upcycled saree and a heart-warming tea bag of the original (tried and tested family recipe) edition of Miks Chai. Who wouldn’t love a warm chai in a cold winter morning, right?

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Written by Marilyn Joy